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DRUMS TALK!  Facilitator and Teacher Training with Neeni!


Afrobeat Founder, Janine Rew has developed an effective and successful program that has been delivered in Schools and Early Learning Centres across Australia for over 18 years! While we can't clone ourselves, we can provide an opportunity for you to learn the same skills and provide you the resources needed to offer and run an on-going program autonomously in your school or Early learning centre along with ongoing mentorship and continuing professional development opportunities for teachers.
Don't miss this unique opportunity to gain the skills to run interactive drumming programs for your school, non-profit, youth or community group. The applications are limitless! Afrobeat's DRUMS TALK™ Facilitator & Teacher Training welcomes participants of all experience levels including those with no musical or teaching experience. You don't need to be the best drummer to be the best teacher! However, if you already have teaching, facilitating, public speaking and or musical experience, you will be delighted to find out just how transferable these skills and experiences are, and be able to apply it to what you learn at the training.


Gain the tools, skills, experience, knowledge, confidence, and personal qualities required to conduct a successful and rewarding drum circle or African Drumming course! Learn how to facilitate rhythm games and activities for multiple group applications, using drums, percussion, voice, and movement. Learn traditional polyrhythmic rhythms from Africa, their social and cultural contexts. The course involves theory, discussion and lots of practical experience! No previous drumming or drum circle facilitation experience required.

Applications and Ideas for Trained Facilitators & Teachers:

Community Bonding, Youth at Risk, Disengaged Young People, Disadvantaged Youth, Team Building, Leadership training, Ice breaker, Alternative Youth Activity, Anti-bullying programs, Community Development, Youth Crime prevention, Health & Wellbeing, School Holiday Programs, Integrating Refugees, Music in Schools, Children’s activities, Integration Programs, Mental Health, Cultural Diversity, Working with Disabilities, Community Restoration, and so much more!

Why become a Drum Circle Facilitator or Teacher?

• Bring young people together in a fun & positive way
• Help promote self esteem & confidence in your school community
• Help break down barriers & build relationships quickly
• Share a new skill & culture through music     
• Promote a sense of belonging & wellbeing
• Help develop leadership & communication skills
• Teach musicianship and performance skills
• A unique personal development opportunity  
• No prior musical or facilitation experience needed


Music therapists, Carers, Community leaders, School teachers, Early Childhood Development, Community Groups, Youth Workers, Migrant and Refugee Settlement Workers, Youth at risk professionals, Life coaches, Community Health, Not-for-profit organisations.

Your Trainer:

Janine has studied Traditional African drumming & dance with Master teachers from West Africa for 12 years. She has a B. App. Sci - Social Ecology (Majoring in Community Development & Organisational Change). Being a graduate in interpersonal communications, group processes and facilitation, Janine recognises and identifies the connections between African Rhythms & their application to group processes, transformation and community building. Janine also hails from a diverse background of more than 25 years of dance training and performance, and has been instructing individuals and groups in West African drumming and dance technique, and facilitated drumming circles with diverse audiences for more than 17 years.

For more about Janine visit her bio

Client Testimonial

Constable Cath Purcell
Crime Prevention Initiative
Doomadgee Police, Nth QLD

Thank-you so much for taking time out of your schedule (as I know you are ultra-busy) to travel to Doomadgee and train our group. We received great information out of the training, and great confidence in facilitating our own drumming sessions. Everyone enjoyed themselves over the weekend.

Janine, as an instructor, you were such an inspiration to us all, in so many different ways. The workshop content and facilitation techniques were well-directed, as you were able to convey the information to us all, who were such a mixed group of people at all different levels of skills and abilities. It was lovely to meet you, you are truly an amazing and inspirational person!

The school holidays have since commenced, and we have conducted two sessions on our own. I noticed that we have made great progress in our skills between the first and second week, and each week we are analysing what we can do to make the following week even better. By the second week, we were more confident in our facilitation skills, and had good support from the other facilitators. We noticed that the kids enjoyed playing alongside other adults from the community, and sharing the joy of making music with those that they aspire to. The program is building momentum with each week, and more community leaders are supporting troubled kids to build the courage to attend and participate. Steve and Adrielle, who attended the weekend workshop, are also gaining their own courage to facilitate in front of the group, and are keen to lead the group next week.

The drumming program has been great at breaking down the communication barrier between police and community, and it provides a good situation where the community can approach police and ask questions in a non-confrontational setting.

For information including upcoming course dates & locations...

Office:   03 5222 6615

Mob:      0416 262 388


Base:     Geelong | Melbourne

Office Hours:  MON - FRI 9:00 - 5:30 EST


DRUMS TALK™ Facilitator & Teacher Training with Neeni is available Australia-wide

Neeni offers limited training dates at city locations throughout the year or can be available on demand to travel to your group!

For information including upcoming course dates & locations...

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Client Testimonials...

  • "We would like to thank you so much for coming out to our school. We were really blown away with the performance and how you were able to engage everyone. I am so happy that we h..."
    Alana, Student - SUZANNE CORY H.S
  • "It was fantastic! Children had a ball!"
    Kids Birthday Party

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