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School Workshops

The Afrobeat experience promotes cultural awareness, social harmony, community engagement and wellbeing through African Drumming and Dance. Our High energy, FUN and educational workshops are specially tailored to suit Primary & Secondary Students, and Youth Groups.

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African Drumming Workshops

Our African drumming sessions are fun, engaging, and culturally enriching. They foster a sense of connection and celebration, solidarity, self-expression and creativity. This workshop focuses on learning a multi-layered rhythm that requires team work and may include some vocal fun, body percussion and traditional African dance movements too! Students learn the art of working together without words, building dynamic sounds and polyrythmic compositions traditional to West Africa. Students will develop increased self-esteem, communication and listening skills, cultural awareness and tolerance of others' differences, and the ability to work together as a team to create music. They will learn about the meanings and cultural contexts of the rhythm and how this translates to their own life story.


Primary & Secondary Schools


One-off workshop, tailored program for whole school engagement, and residential term courses available. See below


30 - 90 min sessions depending on numbers and format


African Dance Workshops

African dance has traditional roots, which implies that it is creative and not ‘written down’. Participants will learn about the 'people's living library' and how African cultural stories and history are passed from generation to generation. 

In this workshop, students will get to learn a traditional African Dance (from Guinea, West Africa), it's cultural and social context including geography and history, and how traditional moves can represent animals, elements, and everyday activities of the people. African dance, like drumming offers metaphors about life, team work and personal challenges. Neeni may touch on some of these as well as provide an opportunity for kids to practice dancing to the beat of the drum! 

For an authentic cultural experience there is the option to add LIVE drumming accompaniment so that students can discover the unique dialogue and relationship between drummer and dancer.


Primary & Secondary Schools


One-off workshop, tailored program for whole school engagement, and residential term courses available. See below


30 - 90 min sessions depending on numbers and format

Workshop Formats


One-off Workshops

Our one-off Interactive and instructional workshops are a great introduction to West African drumming & dance. They can be designed around particular themes, where the cultural and social significance of each drum and dance piece, the rhythms, traditional folklore and instruments are explained. 


Tailored Programs for Whole School engagement

If you wish to engage a large number of students, whole year level or the entire school, Afrobeat offer multiple sessions on a round robin rotation on the same day at the same venue culminating in a high energy interactive show.


Term Courses & Student Performance

We love getting to know our students and seeing how they progress. Weekly sessions for the school term can culminate in an interactive show lead by the student group and their facilitator in front of peers, school community, family and the local community. Showcasing what the students have learned in a participatory demonstration is great reward and promotes a feeling of success!

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Greater Melbourne, Geelong, the Surf Coast, Bellarine and Regional Victoria.

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  • "Our performer was readily able to engage the participants. He was enthusiastic and encouraging and extremely entertaining. The program was well paced and met the needs of the gr..."
    Aurora School Early Intervention (Deaf Children)
  • "All went really well, all kids enjoyed the incursion. Great! "
    Sutherland Shire Council Vacation Care

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