Afrobeat for Kids

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Drumming with Disabilities

Anyone can drum! Afrobeat for Kids in an interactive, engaging HANDS-ON musical activity for kids of all abilities.

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Interactive Drumming Workshop

This is a colourful and theatrical interactive drum and dance experience where African drums and percussion instruments are supplied and children are invited to join in! Ditch the role of spectator, and become part of the show! Within minutes, our young audiences become a lively orchestra. Their beats fall in together to create a percussive locomotive filled with enthusiasm and joy! Through a series of dynamic non-verbal gestures and dramatic mime (much like an animated orchestra conductor), Afrobeat introduce exciting musical games and movements that focus on maximum participation. During the session Afrobeat will have your kids up and moving, shaking, call and response chanting, dancing and drumming to the beats of Africa!


All abilities - physical, intellectual, emotional


30 - 45 min


• A quality African Drum for Everyone!

• Hand Percussion - shakers, clapping sticks, tambourines

• Large African Bass Drums

• Animated Facilitator with experience working with children of all abilities

• Travel, drum transport, loading/unloading, set-up/pack down


• Intro to traditional African drumming and the drums
• Improvisation and jamming
• Counting, pitch and volume control
• Call and response
• How to create different sounds on the drum
• Thunderous drum rolls and accents on the beat
• Basic rhythms and drum solos
• A simple, energetic and FUN performance piece
• An opportunity for every child to 'have a go!' on the large African bass drums played with sticks

Office:   03 5222 6615

Mob:      0416 262 388

Base:     Melbourne | Geelong

Office Hours:  MON - FRI 9:00 - 5:30 EST


Available in...

Greater Melbourne, Geelong, the Surf Coast, Bellarine and Regional Victoria.

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