Afrobeat for Kids

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Benefits of Drumming for Kids

Having fun is a powerful aspect of effective learning, developing social skills, confidence, and promoting creativity for children. Music provides a healthy, natural and invaluable opportunity for individual expression while encouraging the development of the whole child, enhancing cognitive, social, physical, and emotional skills. Group drumming is an excellent way for children to learn and grow. Stimulating activities like music-making can capture and hold a child’s interest and satisfy their craving for fun, while providing them with invaluable lessons that will endure a lifetime.


When Children participate in drumming together, they


  • develop self awareness
  • improve their listening skills
  • build coordination of breath and movement
  • learn to cooperate and contribute in a group environment
  • practice patience and self control
  • develop skills for processing and communicating information
  • learn to channel intense emotions
  • experience a calming effect
  • learn valuable and effective coping skills
  • develop self-awareness, self-esteem and self image
  • increase their ability to concentrate
  • learn to channel aggressive/destructive impulses into a creative and positive activity
  • gain cultural insight, explore history, traditions and cultural arts
  • learn to communicate without words and understand people from diverse backgrounds.

Learning Outcomes

The content, structure and presentation of our programs provide key learning opportunities, outcomes and benefits (cultural, social and personal), that support your school curriculum in areas such as Social Education, LOTE, Performing Arts and PE. The current national curriculum also incorporates music and dance modules.

Articles on the Benefits of Drumming for Kids

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  • "Excellent! A very enjoyable and interesting workshop. The artist was a terrific host and showed enthusiasm and patience when dealing with our Vacation care team. A terrific show..."
    Ironside State School, St Lucia QLD
  • " Our facilitator was excellent the children thoroughly enjoyed their first session , as did I !!! Just wanted to thank you for the Afrobeat experience for our children, they lov..."
    Sacred Heart School, Mona Vale

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