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Welcome to Afrobeat for Kids!

Afrobeat deliver unBEATable African Drumming & Dance Workshops and Shows that are FUN, engaging, educational, inclusive and entertaining, and allow for all abilities to experience success. Afrobeat for Kids captures the imagination of its audiences while inspiring cultural awareness, diversity, team spirit, and connection through African drumming.

Everyone can do it!

Having fun is a powerful aspect of effective learning, developing social skills, confidence, and promoting creativity for children and young people alike. Afrobeat for Kids is dynamic, colourful, full of energy and audience interactive! We get kids up and moving, shaking, call and response chanting, clapping percussion, dancing and drumming to the beat of Africa! It’s an exciting opportunity to ditch the role of spectator, and become part of the show, to learn without learning, and experience life with abandon. 


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What we do...

Drumming Classes for kids

Classes for Everyday Kids!

If your child's been fortunate to experience an Afrobeat for Kids workshop at their Early Learning Centre, Primary or Secondary School you will know first hand that it was an exciting, FUN, and memorable experience for them. For the VERY FIRST TIME Neeni is offering those kids who WANTED MORE a chance to study African drumming after school in Geelong! MORE...


ELC Incrusions

Looking for a unique incursion activity at your Early Learning Centre, Child Care, Pre-school, or Kindergarten? Try our high energy drumming program specially designed to keep 2-5 year olds on their toes from start to finish! MORE...

School Workshops

Looking for high quality workshops that can be tailored to suit your theme, social issue or curriculum focus?  OR Perhaps a youth activity to help facilitate community engagement, inspire teamwork, and build self-esteem? Afrobeat deliver one-off speciality workshops in African drumming and dance, including tailored programs to suit large groups or whole school engagement, and term courses culminating in a peer performance. MORE...

Kids Drumming Parties

Looking for ideas for kids party entertainment? Then look no further! Afrobeat for Kids is fresh, different and unforgettable! We create energy, laughter and excitement that will captivate and engage kids of all ages from start to finish. MORE...

School Holiday Workshops

Looking for a unique high energy  and engaging workshop for your School Holiday program, OSHC or Vacation Care? Try our specially designed workshops to suit kids aged 5- 12 years. MORE...

Kids & Community Festivals

Looking for a super popular all-ages activity to add to your Kids festival, community or cultural event? Afrobeat for Kids is a must-have addition! Great for kids AND families. MORE...

Drumming with Disabilities

Anyone can drum! Making music together is a physically active, cognitively challenging, social activity, that enhances self-esteem, provides opportunity for self-expression, a sense of belonging, and is therapeutic physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Afrobeat for Kids is an interactive, engaging HANDS-ON musical activity for kids of all abilities. Afrobeat has experience working with a range of different types of intellectual and physical abilities in a participatory workshop where drums of varying sizes as well as hand held percussion are supplied. MORE...


Interactive Drumming Show

Afrobeat’s interactive drumming show captures the immediate fascination of audiences. To the delight and surprise of unsuspecting audiences, AFROBEAT invite audience members on stage to take up a drum of their own and join in!  With every beat, enthusiasm and excitement build as the participants begin to sense the power of their individual rhythmic contributions! Before they know it, the unsuspecting audience have become performers rather than spectators and the stars of the show - A unique all-ages family-friendly audience centred show! MORE...

African Drum & Dance Show

Dynamic, colourful, full of energy and audience interactive, Afrobeat gets kids up and moving, shaking, call and response chanting, clapping, and dancing to the beat of the drums. Our African drumming and dance ensemble is led by professional Artists in costume who bring together the powerful rhythms, sweet melodies and dynamic dance movements representative of the colourful and vibrant culture of West Africa. A highly captivating and unforgettable Show that will capture the attention and imagination of audiences young and old! MORE...

Client Testimonial

Aine Tyrrell, Music Teacher

'Afrobeat is not your average music program to visit a school. It offers so much more than just a one hour workshop for each grade. Afrobeat for Kids brings the kids together in rhythm, makes it contagious enough for the teachers to want to play along, and invites the school community to come together in a way that is truly special. Having travelled in Africa, it is clear to see that Janine weaves the very best of this cultural community drumming and offers it to Australian school kids in a way that makes sense, excites them and lets them experience African culture and music in their classrooms. Janine has an amazing energy and this gets the students, parents, and teachers all involved dancing, clapping and drumming. It truly is an unforgettable experience for students and staff alike and at the heart of it is a driving rhythm that brings the school community together in magical way'

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Greater Melbourne, Geelong, the Surf Coast, Bellarine and Regional Victoria.


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Client Testimonials...

  • " Our facilitator was excellent the children thoroughly enjoyed their first session , as did I !!! Just wanted to thank you for the Afrobeat experience for our children, they lov..."
    Sacred Heart School, Mona Vale
  • "Fabulous drummer the parents were dancing and the children thought it was fantastic! Lively, entertaining & a great way to end a year!Thank you for helping to make our multicult..."
    Exceptional Kids Services, Redbank School

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